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Questions to Consider Before Going Through a Divorce

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If you are thinking about divorce or you are planning to follow through with divorce, you should take some time to think about a few things before the process begins. Preparing yourself in every way for the divorce will help you get through the process more smoothly and feel comfortable in your decision. Ask yourself the following four questions before you follow through with the divorce.

1. How Does Ending the Marriage Change Your Family Dynamic?

Clearly, getting a divorce is going to completely change how your family operates. Logistically speaking, a divorce means changing where you live, changing your daily routines, changing your schedule, and the like. Divorce also means you have to change how you parent your children if you have them. You have to work with your spouse and make decisions while apart rather than together.

This part of divorce is sometimes tricky as you both may have completely different ideas of how you want to raise your children. You have to compromise and work together as co-parents instead of married partners. A good parenting plan is essential to effectively parent your children after divorce.

2. How Will Your Financial Circumstances Change After Divorce?

Another important thing to think about is your financial situation. If you are not currently aware of all financial components of your marriage, now is the time to get up to speed. Often, one spouse does the bulk of the financial planning in the marriage. If you are not the person who held that role in your marriage, you need to gain a full perspective as soon as possible.

You should know the amounts of your debts, assets, retirement funds, investments, and the like. Knowing all of this information will help you when it is time to negotiate a divorce settlement.

You also need to know how you will be able to support yourself on your own income. If you only work part time or did not work at all during the marriage, you have to secure a better-paying position so you can pay for your own living expenses as well as for the needs of your children. Now is the time to prepare for increasing your finances if necessary.

In addition, be sure you have healthcare. If you were on your spouse's healthcare plan, you will no longer have coverage once the divorce is final. Think about the different options available to you before you move forward with divorce.

3. Do You Have a Prenuptial Agreement?

Another factor to consider before divorce is your prenuptial agreement if you have one in place. A prenuptial agreement is a document that couples sign before marriage that spells out where your assets go if you ever divorce. If you have an agreement in place, review it thoroughly and think about how it will impact you in divorce.

4. Do You Have a Divorce Attorney?

Choosing a good divorce attorney is crucial. Your attorney will have a significant impact on how your divorce turns out. Choose an attorney with a solid track record of successful divorce negotiations and settlements for their clients. Look for examples of cases similar to yours to get an idea as to what you can expect.

Divorce is a major life decision that you should never enter into lightly. Considering all of these questions is critical.

If you need assistance with your divorce or need legal representation, please contact David Wilson, Attorney at Law. We will help you get the best and most equitable settlement. We will also walk you through the process so you thoroughly understand your legal rights and responsibilities.


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