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Family Law
David Wilson, Attorney At Law has conducted numerous family law hearings and civil trials. If you are going through a divorce, establishing child support and custody or seeking modification to previous agreements, we can help.
Criminal Defense
As an experienced trial attorney, David Wilson has conducted many felony and misdemeanor criminal trials. Getting a diligent and aggressive attorney will help you create an effective strategy for your trial.
Drunk Driving Arrest DUI Car & Man Alcohol Bottle Handcufts
To fight the charges of a DUI, enlist the help of David Wilson, Attorney At Law. We can help you create a plan to lower or drop the charges so your life can go on as normally as possible. Our experience is your number-one asset.
Restraining Orders
If you are afraid of a family member or stranger harming you or your children, you have reason to file a restraining order. Get representation and put experience on your side, whether you are filing a restraining order or fighting one.
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Find more resources to help you further understand your case. Including national and regional resources, David Wilson, Attorney At Law has coalesced a list of links you can explore to learn more about criminal and family law.

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David Wilson, Attorney at Law offers the support and guidance you need to win your case. Although representation cannot guarantee the results of your battle, good representation arms you with experience, training and the best practices to increase your odds of success. We have the tools to assist you in your family or criminal law matter.
David Wilson, Attorney At Law is the diligent, ethical and aggressive representation you are looking for.
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